calculation moment result in Fluent 6.3.2

    • Bahar Agus Kurniawan

      Hi everyone,  i have run my program in fluent when iteration is done. i just put the momen calculation  but i don't understand what the result, if u look at the picture i have a question for u, what the true axis is, x,y,z / y,x,z/x,z,y or etc. ? thanks

      result momen


    • Karthik R


      This is total moment in the x, y, z directions (sum of pressure and viscous moment components). Please refer to section 23.2.1 (fluent theory guide, v18.2) for more details on Moment calculation. Also check out section 32.5.1. from the Fluent Users guide for further info.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you.

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