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Calculation of rubber with reinforcement inside

    • javat33489

      Hi all.

      Is it possible to calculate rubber with steel threads inside in WORKBENCH?

      For example, a cylinder with a mesh of steel wires inside it.

      I need to stretch it.

      Is there a tutorial or ready-made solutions?

      Thank you.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator


      You can have the geometries share the nodes at the interface and then try applying the displacement. You can search YouTube, if someone has tried such assembly.



      Ashish Khemka

      • javat33489

        I would like to understand the approach to the problem.

        1.Do I need to model the reinforcement inside the rubber? Or can it be set programmatically (conditionally); is there such a tool in ANSYS?

        2.Is there such a type of elements REINF263-265 for reinforcement? Can they be used in this task? If so, how?

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