Calculation time rationality consultation

    • kiki1

      topic: Calculation time rationality consultation

      key words: solidification&melting model, calculation time estimation

      Detailed settings:

      grid size(cells): 6000~7000

      general set: transient calculation

      Models: solidification&melting ,consider gravity, and use the Boussinesq approximation to deal with convection phenomena

      solution methods: system default

      Time step set:

       Time stepping method: Adaptive

       Max Iterations/Time step: 50

       reporting interval、profile update interval: 50

      Computing resources: CPU: 4-core intel(R)core(TM) i5-9500 [email protected] RAM:8GB

      Pre-calculation: It takes 3 days to simulate 5000s.


      1. The target is simulated for 3 days (259200s). According to the previous simulation time, if the calculation speed remains unchanged, the calculation is expected to be completed in a total of 155.52 days. Is this reasonable? If not, what is the problem?

      2. If the time is reasonable, how to speed up the calculation?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      It's not a bad first estimate. With 7k cells use 1-2 cores, as I suspect the data passing is going to outweigh the benefit of more compute. Check the solution time scales: time step is determined by the flow (or other scalar) speed and cell size.
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