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Campell diagram for Composite Material Shaft using layered solid elements

    • ebilalis

      I am modelling a composite material shaft using layered solid elements (SOLID186) in ANSYS 19.2, Mechanical APDL (Academic License). I am trying to find the critical speed of the shaft using the Campbell diagram. You can find my APDL code attached.

      However, I am getting the following error message for several elements:

      Element 906 is layered and is rotating. Coriolis effects (CORIOLIS command) are not supported

      Since Coriolis effects are necessary for the calculation of the Campbell diagram, I searched the web for a possible explanation and encountered a tutorial in YouTube that conducts a similar Analysis in ANSYS 16.0 Workbench with no problem.

      The link to the tutorial:

      " rel="nofollow">

      I repeated the exact same analysis in ANSYS 19.2 (Workbench) and got the aforementioned error.

      I would be glad if you could explain the cause of this error in the 19.2 version of ANSYS and even more glad if there is a way to circumvent it.

      Thank you in advance

    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee
      The theory of rotordynamics is based on bodies of revolution with properties that don't change in the circumferential direction. It's not clear that your layered shaft satisfies that requirement. Be that as it may, it's clear from the message that the coriolis command does not support layered elements. A possible workaround is to create a superelement (matrix50) out of the layered shaft and perform the analysis on the superelement.n
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