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Can a hypersonic simulation be carried out in Inviscid flow?

    • MOQAZI

      I've been trying to run simulation for hypersonic flows in Inviscid and Viscous domains. However, when I apply inviscid boundary conditions for freestream Mach number of 7, I get some unexpected results, especially in vehicle's Mach number contours that gives Mach number value of over 50 somewhere around the vehicle. These Mach numbers are plotted far away from the vehicle while the whole vehicle is shown at Mach 0.1. This disappears the contours of Mach number as well. The analysis is run for internal and external flows on a single vehicle.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      It can be modeled as inviscid but I would not expect the simulation results to be accurate. The viscous effects will not be captured and hence, there will be an increase in temperature and Mach number as you are seeing.
      Suggestions :
      Make sure you have a good mesh, well refined at the boundaries.
      Check the solution methods with the best practice, we have a tutorial on hypersonic.
      Use the high speed numerics which will help in convergence.
    • MOQAZI
      Thank you so much sir.
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