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General Mechanical

Can a redefinition of a group of joint greatly increase the simulation time?

    • CassioEM

      Hey! I started a discussion saying that I am having problems with the time that my transient simulation is spending but I didn't introduce the change that cause that.

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      I am simulating an assembly with 23 000 nodes and 19 000 elements in a transient analysis.

      Before, I defined all body as flexible but I didn't change the standard definition of some joints and those joints were considering the bodies as rigid. The problem is the only body that is flexible and the joints were considering as rigid was the main body, composed by 15 500 elements and 15 500 nodes. The time of analysis was around 7 hours.

      Now, I changed the joints and  the time of resolution increased too much. I started the resolution on Friday afternoon and when I arrived on Monday morning, I realized that the progress bar did not finish even half of the resolution...

      Is there something that I can do to solve this problem? My model is nonlinear with large deflections.



    • peteroznewman

      Please show an image of the model geometry. Which body is flexible?

      Please show how the joint connects to the flexible body, which face(s) is one side of the joint scoped to?

    • CassioEM

      I can't show the model but I can describe it.

      There is a main body is modeled as a surface and it is not possible to change its mesh because its a imported model.

      I modeled some structures connected with it and basically I am using beam elements with some rigid body. I am connecting them using joints and I realized that in each joint, we have to define the behavior of the body involved. When I changed to deformable, the simulation time increased too much.

      The joints use direct connection for points and distant connection for rigid bodies, surfaces and lines. All the joints those are not direct were considering the bodies as rigid.

      I did a modal analysis and now my model presents some modes those were expected. But the transient analysis is taking too much time and I still didn't finish a complete simulation with those new definitions...




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