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Can Ansys Fluent-Rocky model IFAS Media and Bio Growth in a Bioreactor

    • Jack Ivey

      Is it possible to model the growth of Biofilms on high surface area particles suspended in water using Ansys Fluent coupled with Ansys Rocky? Our goal is to measure and model fluid velocities through high surface area particals as a biofilm grows on the partical (IFAS media). 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can adapt Rocky so that particles will grow based on "stuff" using the Rocky APIs and Fluent data can be used to do that. However, when you say "high surface area particles" do you mean porous particles or just that there are a lot of them? If they're packed you may as well use a porous media, if mobile you can also use the granular models in Fluent. 

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