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General Mechanical

Can anyone help me with this ?

    • Periklis Paizis

      Good Evening ,

      I have undertaken a project for my bachelor's degree in vehicle design. My project is to build an electric off-road racing vehicle. When I try to run the simulation, I extract beams and correct the gaps, but then when I go to give the circular profile I get this error which does not say why. I have tried many profiles among them and the profile I put in the program I designed the frame but they all give the same error If anyone can help me

      Thank you in advance,
    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee


      Does circular profile has same cross section throut length? you are using beam extraction tool over here, right?

      One more discussion for your reference talking about similar concern:

      Assigning a profile to a curved beam in SpaceClaim (




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