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LS Dyna

Can anyone tell me how couple DEM – ALE in LS DYNA?

    • Weidong

      I would like to couple DEM and ALE in LS DYNA. For example, a ball modeled by DEM, and it drops into water (ALE). Could you please give me some suggestion? Thanks so much.

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Weidong,

      There is an example of a sphere dropped in water here:

      It is not DEM, but if you have only one sphere, you could mesh the sphere with regular elements and have the sphere rigid:

      You will find papers here:

      You can search for more papers on website.

      Also, DEM particles can be coupled with the iCFD (incompressible CFD) solver in LS-DYNA:




    • Weidong

      Hi Reno,

      Thanks so much for your help. Your response is helpful for me.

      Best regards,


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