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Can I change the extrapolation method of node displacements?

    • fahri

      Hello everyone.

      I am trying to solve the mechanism of tectonic fault using ANSYS. Also I am a new user in FEM and ANSYS. I have displacements at some nodes. The software do extrapolate displacements from some nodes to all nodes but I want to change the extrapolation method. However I couldn't figure out how to do this. Can you help me, please? 

      Thank You very much.

      The pink nodes displacement values are known, but others are unknown

    • peteroznewman

      The extrapolation from nodes with enforced displacement to surrounding nodes depends on the material model.  If you have a linear elastic material, you will get one solution on the surrounding nodes, if you add plasticity to the material model, you will get a different solution on the surrounding nodes. There are other material models that have different properties than plasticity. Open the Engineering Data cell in the model and look at the materials under the Geomechanical category. Some of those are specifically formulated to model soil or rock.

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