Can I do a mesh with an pyramidal shape?

    • Sara91


      I want to have a very fine mesh at the interface between two different materials. However, this interface is not just a flat horizontal surface, it has a pyramidal shape (image below). Is there a way to do a fine mesh only at the interface between the silicon (red) and material on top without having to do a square mesh encompassing the whole width of the simulation region?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Lumerical FDTD and most FDTD software are based on rectangular meshing :Ansys Insight: About override mesh in FDTD Solutions: its use and settings
      Therefore it cannot apply local finer mesh that is not aligned with the axes.
      If you want, please try DGTD, which is a Finite-Element based mesh, and can handle such local finer mesh properly. Introduction to DGTD - DGTD Solver Physics

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