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Can I use the Transient structure section to get the strain rate during the loading process

    • Beryl

      Hi Friend,

      I'm trying to use this model to simulate the stress condition under different loading speed, and want to get the strain rate during the process.

      I want to know if I can get the strain rate with Transient structure or I should change for Explicit dynamics section?

      And if yes, how to get the strain rate result?

      Looking forward for your kindly help!

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      You can. However, if inertia effects (i.e. acceleration and damping of mass) are negligible, you might want to consider running this as a rate dependent static analysis, where end time has real meaning and rate of loading is important, but inertia effects are not considered. If in doubt, run it as a full transient and as a rate dependent static and compare the two results.
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