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General Mechanical

Can u give suggestions on adding proper geometric imperfection in nonlinear analysis?

    • Venugopalb

      Hello all,

      I am doing nonlinear buckling analysis in Ansys workbench. To study the buckling analysis more realistic, we need to add mode shapes as imperfection data. I don't know up to what range we can add the imperfection scale factor in nonlinear analysis. I think the scale factor should be in between 0 to 1. what will happen if it goes beyond 1. Because, scale factor of 1 does not make any changes in model.

      could you give some suggestions to me.

      thanking you 


      Venugopal B

    • Afneer Raghon

      Great question. I also wonder the what should we use for the imperfection amplitude. It is basically up to construction tolerances provided by standards but there are very different amplitudes used for GNIA (geometrically nonlinear analysis with imperfeciton) in articles. 

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