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Can we ask Fluent read a journal file from within another journal file?

    • mkhademi

      Dear all,

      I need to couple EDEM and Fluent on a cluster without GUI. Part of the process of connection between Fluent and EDEM is through a journal file that must be loaded in Fluent. When we are running Fluent on cluster, we use a journal file for all the steps from reading case and data files to solve the problem. At one stage like after reading case and data, that journal file related to EDEM must be read somewhere in the Fluent journal. Can this be arranged through a scheme command within the first journal file? I hope the problem is clear for you. Thank you:)


    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello mkhademi,

      You can read a journal file in another journal file in fluent . Please refer this user guide link on how to do it.

      3.10. Creating and Reading Journal Files (ansys.com)- refer nested journal files.

      This should solve your problem.


      Chaitanya natraj


    • mkhademi

      Hi Chaitanya,

      Thank you for your reply. Do you also have experience with EDEM? I am trying to couple EDEM and Fluent through a windows batch file and nested journal files. EDEM must be connected to Fluent through a coupling server. The connection must be from EDEM side, and the syntax for starting the EDEM with connection to Fluent is 

       edem -c -i .dem --cs

      when this is run, there will appear the message "Awaiting client connection"

      it seems that I should start Fluent before this line so that Fluent gets ready to connect to the EDEM server. Do you have any idea on this?


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