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General Mechanical

Can we make hollow cylinder from solid imported in spaceclaim?

    • skdubey

      Dear Guys,

      I have imported my geometry from solid-work and was trying to create the volume extract for fluid. Unfortunately I came to know that the geometry I was interested was not hollow but have solid interior. I want to make hollow space I am not sure, How can I fix the problem in space-claim? Is there any way to do in space-claim. Shape is shown below its L-shape component.

    • HuiLiu
      Ansys Employee
      Are you trying to extract the internal fluid which has the L shape pipe, that connects to the cone shape and big cylindrical shape? Do you have cavity in all other parts but the L-shape pipe? Could you try detach the two end circular faces of the L-shape, which will probably convert that solid L pipe into surface. Then you can stitch this surface to the rest of the structure, and do a volume extraction. If this doesn't work, you can probably grab all the interior surfaces, including the cylindrical faces on the L-shape pipe, copy and paste them into surface bodies, stitch, then patch the ends with missing face tool.n
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