Discovery Import

Discovery Import

can we use discovery live in case of turbocharger only for flow analysis inside the turbocharger ?


    • ri724
    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi anil kumar singh

      I may provide a more precise answer if you can elaborate on what is the objective of the flow analysis you intend to perform. 

      In General, Discovery Live is a great tool if you want to evaluate a number of design ideas and want to assess the affect of certain modifications in the design on the performance of your application. The capability to produce results on the fly helps user evaluate a number of design ideas within no time. But all this comes at a cost, and while Discovery Live is not the go to tool for high fidelity solution intended for validation, Discovery AIM can be useful for such scenarios.

      Please provide some more information about your requirement and I may be in a better position to make the right suggestion.



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