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can you define the velocity of a region after a specified time?

    • jonny

      Hi, i am simulating a a free droplet falling into a static droplet on a surface. The velocity of the falling droplet it 10 m/s, defined by patching the same region as the volume fraction with a negative y velocity. I want to allow sufficent time for the static droplet to take its shape on the surface after the simulation starts, and once it has settled allow the falling droplet to impact the static droplet. Is there away to hold the free droplet and then release it at 10 m/s after a specified time?


    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      Ansys Fluent also includes a feature that allows you to define your own command(s) to be executed during the calculation at specified intervals.You will indicate the command(s) that you want the solver to execute at specified intervals during the calculation using the Execute command.

      For more details you can check fluent user's guide: 33.17. Executing Commands During the Calculation (ansys.com)

      Thank you.

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