Can you recommend Workstation Spec. for Flow Simulation (1500-2000$)

    • Alfa Teknik


      We plan to buy a workstation computer to make flow simulation. In general for ventilationg projects.

      I had checked some recommendation that you gave before like this:


      But this is not exactly our situation.

      So I will try to mention our parameters:

      Our budget is around 1500-2000$

      About the license, it should be standard buisiness license (Unlimited).

      It will be Desktop (not labtop).

      Our simulation mesh dimension should be somewhat about 100m^2 x 5m height, and mech size maybe 0,05


      So upon the previous parameter can you recommend some choices for 

      CPU (Brand, Cores, Freq., ...)

      RAM (Capacity, Frequency)

      SSD (Capacity)

      GPU ....


      Thakns and best regards...

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, check this out: Platform Support Data: Previous Releases | Ansys

      Now figure out based on your budget and the usage.

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