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Can you show Legend based on result from a specific part of an assembly?

    • albin.linderstam


      Let's say that we have an assembly to be able to simulate a real situation, but we are only interested in showing the results of one part, so we hide the rest. However, the legend (Min-Max) is still based on the highest/lowest values in the whole assembly.

      So when I show my part with Max/Min-tag, one can think that the Max/Min-locations are consistent with the legend values.

      I can put probe values close to the location, but still, I would like to have the legend only for the stresses in this specific part, if possible? We usually include the legend in the results images.

      In this case I have really high stresses in another component, close to an edge, which is not of interest in this case, hence I would like to exclude that from the legend.

      I know that I can change the second highest value in the legend to get more contours if the highest value is much much higher than the rest, but if I present this legend in a report with really high max-value, this will raise a lot of questions.

      Regards, Albin

    • Rev0
      Hallo The easiest way ist to select the body and than right-click on result > insert > stress > equivalent (or something else). With this method only the selected body is scoped.
      If you insert a result without any selection, by default all bodys are scoped. You could change this by the geometry selection in the detail window.
      Regards JB
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