Candle behind a bottle experiment!


    • Karthik R
      I recently saw an experiment where a lit candled was placed behind a water bottle and the demonstrator blew air from infront of the water bottle. I was expecting candle to remain lit but surprisingly, it was put-off. Can someone explain what is going on here?

    • prajput
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @Kremella

      What you saw was a practical demonstration of the Coanda effect. Coanda effect can be seen when a fluid jet that is in close proximity to a solid surface experiences a flow deviation and subsequently attaches itself to the surface. This behavior of the jet persists even for curved surfaces and can be used to change the direction of the jet flow.

      In the experiment you saw, the air from in front of the bottle wrapped itself around the bottle and made its way to the candle and put it off !

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