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Cannot apply a force on a keypoint

    • Paula Alonso

      Hi! I´m trying to create a keypoint and apply a force in it but the result it's just zero. I believe that either the keypoint hasn't been created or the command force doesn't apply forces to keypoints.


      I leave my code here so anyone can help me out. Thanks!




    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Paula Alonso,
      The force loads can be to the keypoints, using the command 'FK'.
      You can also use 'KLIST' or 'FKLIST' to see the Keypoints or the Loads added to the Keypoints respectively.
      So for line 2 of the mentioned code, try Fk, KP1, FX,10 or select the keypoint by KSEL and then FK, ALL, FX,10.

      Please find the references as follows-
      K (
      FK (
      FKLIST (

      Hope this helps!

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