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General Mechanical

Cannot apply the DC voltage

    • dickson1213

       Hello, I am currently working on the Piezo and MEMS extension to do the dielectric elastomer actuation.

      Here's my problem. I tried to applied a voltage of 400V to the top surface and 0V to the bottom surface. I have already set "No" to "Frequency Dependency" and "Time Dependency". However, the bottom two blocks still shown in yellow.

      When I click the "solve" button, there's an error message saying "Invalid Freq. Dep. voltage". .

      What should I do on that?


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Dickson, It seems like two fields are highlighted in yellow. Have you filled in the tabular data correctly?


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    • dickson1213
      Aniket. I’d like to apply the dc voltage (e.g. 1000V).

      As you can see, I have already set “No” at the “ Frequency Dependency” and “ Time Dependency”.

      By the way ,how should I set those tabular data?
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