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Cannot evaluate probe – missing JFLVECTORS?

    • davidaa

      Good afternoon all -

      I'm trying to extract force results from a Bushing joint via a Joint Probe. The probe does not evaluate, and throws this error: "The result data for JFLVECTORS is not contained in the result file."

      In the past, I've solved errors like this by setting the appropriate Output Control to Yes. This didn't work - I enabled all available Output Controls, and still received the same error message. A Google search brought up no results for JFLVECTORS, which surprises me.

      Does anyone know how I can get force reactions from this joint?

      In case it helps, I'm using a Static Structural analysis in Ansys Mechanical with an enterprise license.

      Also, if anyone has any idea about what JFLVECTORS is, I'd love to know!

      Thanks much.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Joint probe does not support bushing joint with bushing formulation.

      So instead of using the joint probe, use a user defined result scoped to the element name ids and to a combin250 element which is the bushing element used by ansys.

      (For general info: The jflvector is irrelevant for busing here since as I said the Joint probe does not support bushing joint with bushing formulation -
      it is just a previous error message (e.g., 2021 R2) which was not strictly correct/meaningful - the appropriate error message now (e.g., in 2022 R1) is as should be since this is not supported: Joint probe does not support bushing joint with bushing formulation)
    • davidaa
      Thank you Erik! That worked. Much appreciated.
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