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Cannot launch Discovery Live Enterprise


    • yury.novozhilov

      We have disc_ult increment in our license key. So that we can launch Discovery SpaceClaim Enterprise and Discovery AIM Enterprise, but not Discovery Live Enterprise! How could it be? What increment allows to launch  Discovery Live Enterprise? 

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      GlukRazor disc_ult increment includes Live as well. Did you install the enterprise version of Discovery needed for running the enterprise license?

      When you launch Discovery Live, what error are you getting?

    • John Hufnagel

      Naresh Patre We're having a similar issue dealing with the Enterprise licensing.  We've been granted the 'disc_ult' license feature but our network license server (v19.1) won't grant it.  Our license server gives the errors:

      "Request name disc_ult does not exist in the licensing pool.
                      License server system does not support this feature.
                      Feature:       disc_ult"

      ...followed shortly by...

      "Failover feature 'ANSYS Discovery Ultimate' specified in license preferences is not available.
                      Request name disc_ult does not exist in the licensing pool."

      I suspect we need an updated version of the Linux Enterprise license server that recognises the 'ANSYS Discover Ultimate' product since we can't see any reference to it in the 'ansysli.prodord.xml' file.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      John Hufnagel Can you confirm whether you have installed  19.1 license manager? if yes, please gather diagnostic information and send it to support team as mentioned in below post.

      Discovery Enterprise licensing: Gathering diagnostic information

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