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Cannot open file in design modeler

    • Alessandro Stanzione

      Hi i have a problem with fluent : in design modeler when i want to import a profile from a file it says " error loading coordinates ". I use the 2020R2 version and the file is openend normally by anyone exept me and i connt figure out why ; I ve tried formatting computer more than 5 times but nothing. I d like to attach the file i need to open here but idk how to do so( i attached an image instead). Anyway its just me who cannot open that file and idk why .I currently use windows 11 but i ve tried with 10 as well and the problem is the same.

      plz someone help me 



    • mjmiddle
      Ansys Employee

      I see you are using European decimal separator, which is a comma. This is set in the operating system. Try setting to a dot. Beware of any empty lines also.

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