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Cannot retrieve licenses with older FLUENT versions after updating license manager

    • steven.vandenbrande

      We try to run FLUENT at an HPC facility, with licenses being retrieved from an external license server. When using FLUENT 2021R1 or 2021R2 on our site, everything works fine and I can provide the following diagnostics:

      login1:~$ FLUENT/2021R1/v211/licensingclient/linx64/ansysli_util -version

      ANSYS Licensing Interconnect version 2.2.1 (20201116) for linx64. Updated at ANSYS Release 2021 R1.

      login1:~$ FLUENT/2021R1/v211/licensingclient/linx64/ansysli_util -printavail


                     NAME: a_spaceclaim_catv5

                     FEATUREID: 418

                     FEATURENAME: a_spaceclaim_catv5

                     PRODUCTNAME: ANSYS SpaceClaim CATIA V5 Interface

                     VERSION: 9999.9999

                     EXPIRATION_DATE: 2022/12/30 23:59:59

                     COUNT: 3

                     USED: 0

      [Further output omitted]

      login1:~$ FLUENT/2021R1/v211/licensingclient/linx64/ansysli_util -statli [email protected]_SERVER

      Attempting to connect to ansysli_server running on [email protected]_SERVER...

      Connection Established. Querying for additional information...

             ANSYSLI_PORT = 2325

                 Hostname = HOSTNAME

                       IP = HOSTNAME_IP

               Process Id = 3416

             Full Version = 2021.2.0 (20210525) for winx64. Updated at Ansys Release 2021 R2.

                  Startup = NORMAL STARTUP 2022/03/29 12:20:14

           Active Clients = 1

              Max Clients = 2

            Total Clients = 3160

        WB Usage Tracking = ON

       DP Reserve Support = ON

          Monitor Status   : Monitor Running

      Monitor Version       : Ansys Licensing Interconnect version 2.2.1 (20210525) for winx64. Updated at Ansys Release 2021 R2.

      ** ERROR: Unable to retrieve feature availability for [email protected]_SERVER. **

      There is the ERROR message at the output, but this does not seem to have an impact on actual FLUENT usage. Based on this, I conclude that the connection with the license server is working fine. Telnet confirms that ports 1055,1056, and 2325 are accepting incoming connections.

      Running the commands above from the same machine, with the same ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE and ANSYSLI_SERVERS, but with an earlier version (19.1) gives the following errors:

      login1:~$ FLUENT/19.1/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansysli_util -version

      ANSYS Licensing Interconnect version 1.9.0 (20180409) for linx64. Updated at ANSYS Build 19.1.

      login1:~$ FLUENT/19.1/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansysli_util -printavail

      ERROR: No Feature List Retrieved

      The specified license path:

           ANSYSLI_SERVERS: [email protected]_SERVER

           FLEXlm Servers: [email protected]_SERVER

      does not have any licenses for any product. Please make sure

      the license server has been started correctly.

      When running the workbench with this version, it starts up but all features that require a license are missing. Could you please provide some advice on how to deal with this?

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      I would verify that a reread was performed for BOTH FlexLM and the ANSYS Interconnect:
      /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/ansysli_server -k reread
    • steven.vandenbrande
      The license was reread on the license server, but this does not resolve the issue. Do you have any other suggestions?
    • steven.vandenbrande
      After adding an entry "ipaddress servername" to the hosts file on the machine running the license server, the problem was solved.
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