Discovery Import

Discovery Import

Cannot Save Spaceclaim document


    • luca
        I got this error while saving a Spaceclaim file on my Dropbox. I found also some file with unknown name and extensions, shown in screenshot. Is it safe to delete them?  
    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Luca

      Can you please confirm if you have read-write permissions to the location where you wish to save the file?
      I can confirm that .dsco is Discovery format and .scdoc is SpaceClaim format. Although, I'm not sure about the other files in the screenshot.

      Let me check with my team and get back to you.

      • luca

        Subashni , I confirm I have read-write permission to the location: it is actually my dropbox folderwhere I usually store my files.


        - Spaceclaim temporary files

        - Dropbox sync "

        This happen intermittently


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