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Cannot use HFSS v15 with new TRL based licensing

    • asamaiyar


      The new Ansys Electronics Desktop (HFSS) license file we received for license server in our university does not have following features:

      hfss_desktop, hfss_gui, hfssie_solve

      Due to this, we are not able to use HFSS v15. And we heavily use HFSS v15 in our research group because:

      1. It allows us to use direct solver with FE-BI
      2. It allows us to use symmetry boundary with FE-BI
      3. We have found it to be more robust for RSM calculations (Please check here for RSM issue with newer versions:

      Please help us with accessing HFSS v15 with the new license version as it is critical for several things we do at our University.


      Aman Samaiyar
      University of Colorado Boulder

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Aman,

      We can no longer provide these legacy licenses. Should you wish to pursue this further, it would be best to reach out and discuss this with your ANSYS Account Manager. The new licensing will support versions 16.2 or newer. You will need to update to at least 16.2 at this time.

      I believe as the ASC you should have access to the Customer Portal where you can review our policy on prior release support. This just enforces that we cannot support version 15.x when we are now 4 major releases ahead.


      Thank you,


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