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“Can’t communicate with the wrapper Rocky instance.”

    • czadeh


      I just installed ANSYS Fluent 2021R2 and Rocky 2021R2 through files and licenses provided by my University.

      When I try to run Rocky by itself, it brings up the license management page, I click ok, then it closes and nothing happens.

      When I open Workbench and use the Particle Dynamics (Rocky 21.2) system, it says "Can't communicate with the wrapper Rocky instance."

      There are also the following details about the error:

      Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Communication.ApplicationCommuncationError: Can't communicate with the wrapper Rocky instance.

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Addin.ThrowError[ExceptionType](String msg)

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Communication.WbSideRockyWorkbenchApi.WaitRockyInterface(Boolean throw_exception)

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Communication.RockyCommunication.CreateRockyWrapper(DataContainerReference container, String active_dir, Boolean gui_required, Boolean erase_results)

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Communication.RockyCommunication.ObtainRockyWrapper(DataContainerReference container, String active_dir, Boolean gui_required, Boolean create_if_needed, Boolean erase_results)

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Commands.LaunchRockyForConfigurationCommand.Execute(IFullContext context)

        at Ansys.Core.Commands.Concurrency.CommandWorkUnit.executeInContext(CommandContext subContext, IExecutionEngineCallback tracer)

        at Ansys.Core.Commands.Concurrency.BaseWorkUnit.doExecute(IExecutionEngineCallback executionEngine, CommandContext subContext)

        at Ansys.Core.Commands.Concurrency.BaseWorkUnit.Execute(IExecutionEngineCallback executionEngine, Boolean dontCatchExceptions)

      --- Ansys.Core.Commands.CommandFailedException: Can't communicate with the wrapper Rocky instance.

      CommandName: AnsysRocky212.LaunchRockyForConfiguration(Container="Setup 1")

        at Ansys.Core.Commands.CommandAsyncResult.RethrowFailureException(Exception e)

        at Ansys.Core.Commands.CommandAsyncResult.Wait(Int32 milliSecondsTimeout, Boolean exitContext)

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Commands.LaunchRockyForConfigurationCommand.InvokeAndWait(IProtectedContext context, DataContainerReference Container, Object CanDeleteResults)

        at Ansys.AnsysRocky212.Gui.EditRockyGuiOperation.Invoke(GuiOperationContext context)

        at Ansys.UI.GuiOperationContext.Invoke(GuiOperationMetaData operationData)

        at Ansys.UI.UIManager.InvokeOperationCore(String pseudoname, OperationDelegate callback, Boolean allowOSMessages, Boolean coreTransaction, Boolean deferredRefreshOnly)

      Is there any way to resolve this error and get Rocky to start?


    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      Do you know if the Rocky files were from the Ansys website? The licencing changed with 2021R2 so if you've got ESSS Rocky and not Ansys Rocky you may have a (easily fixed) problem. Otherwise, if you install and configure Ansys first Ansys Rocky should install and pick up the licence automatically.
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