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Can’t get files from Portal

    • Anastasiia

      Hi to everyone,

      Please I'm trying to work with the tutorial "Solving a combustion simulation for sector" in IC engine and I need some tutorial files (tut_comb_sect.x_t,injection-profile,Diesel_1comp_35sp_chem.inp, and Diesel_1comp_35sp_therm.dat).

      If anyone can help me send me those files at   [email protected]

      Thank you.

       It's written how to get them from tutorial. But I can't log in in this portal....

    • KR
      Hello,nUnfortunately, we will not be able to do this. You could connect with your Professor or Admin, who should have access to this. They should be able to help you with this. nThank you.nKarthikn
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