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Can’t get licence manager to work for my temporary licence?


    • Rajan_Mistry

      I have the following licence file:

      SERVER LAPTOP-5F9STLTF 721ce7f1851f 1055

      VENDOR ansyslmd


      # Products licensed in this file:

      # 1. ANSYS Academic Research Electronics Suite (1 task): 1 task(s) Evaluation expiring 05-Sep-2021 Customer # 251995


      But the licence manager says: Did not upload file - Error: The hostid in the license file is not a valid hostid for this license server machine.

      The host id is shown below:

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee
      The license will need to be reissued with Hostid of b674d016, type D. Please contact your ANSYS Account Team. The license file as issued will not work, the hostid does not match one of the 3 possible hostids on this machine.nnThank you,nMattn
    • Rajan_Mistry
      Thanks n
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