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Can’t import geometry into mesher

    • Hatyk

      Hello, I've been trying to import geometry into a mesher, but running into the same problem every time. Tried several geometries, even simple cube, but the result is the same. Can't find solutions online to this error.

      Error log:

      importing meshing model from PartMgr from file 'C:/Users/Ansys/Desktop/cube.scdoc' ...

      setting enclosure and symmetry processing to False

      setting transfer named selections to True

      setting named selection prefixes to ''

      setting mixed import resolution type to 'SolidAndSurface'

      setting target application to 'FluentMeshing'

      attaching to assembly ...

      attaching to assembly failed after 121.021 [s]

      running ANSYS TGrid CADToTGridConverter FAILED! (pIPartMgr->AttachAssembly() failed!

      Unable to start CAD system.

      Attach failed.

      importing meshing model from PartMgr from file 'C:UsersAnsysDesktopcube.scdoc' failed.)

      ran ANSYS TGrid CADToTGridConverter in 121.048 [s]

      ======== Command Execution Log Manager ========

      Number of execution logs: 2





      Error: Error in CAD Import

      Error Object: #f

      I am using Fluent 2021 R2.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Please run CAD configuration manager. You can find some posts related to it on this forum.
      Fluent - CAD Configuration Manager GUI Errors out on Startup ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum
      Please go through help manual for more details
      If CAD configuration does not solve issue, it may need to re-install software or open a new post under installation category.
      Regards Keyur
      How to access Ansys Online Help Document
      Guidelines on the Student Community

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