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Cant import spaceclaim model into fluent mesher

    • rm19g14

      I have a spaceclaim file that I'm trying to import into the fluent mesher but I get the following errors

      importing meshing model from PartMgr from file 'H:Part 4GDPFluent PracticeScript-practiceFront-wing-scriptstraight-line.scdoc' failed.)

      ran ANSYS TGrid CADToTGridConverter in 1.115


      ======== Command Execution Log Manager ========


      Number of execution logs: 2











      Error: Error in CAD Import

      Error Object: #f

      I have this error on any spaceclaim model I attempt to open (even a simple cube) and on models that I have already opened in the mesher. I get this error randomly, some days it will let me import spaceclaim models and some days it wont even when it is the same file being imported in the same way.

      for reference the file I'm attempting to import is attached. 

      Has anyone experienced this before or have any idea how to sort it?





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