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can’t observe interference effect in simulation



      I can't observe high oscillation in reflectance spectrum of TSV due to  interference effect. In real experiment, To measure hole depth in a structure it's reflection is measured which has high frequency oscillations. The height can be measured by using DFT. I am not getting similar oscillation in simulation. The reflection spectra in lumerical simulation is very smooth. what could be the reason?

      Image Source: A Hybrid Non-destructive Measuring Method of Three-dimensional Profile of Through Silicon Vias for Realization of Smart Devices


      thank you

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee


      Some times it can be difficult to compare experiment and simulation, in particular the material and geometry. Please refer to this post: 

      Ansys Insight: Why my simulation result is different from published paper or experiment?

      FDTD solves directly the Maxwell Equations. So it should give roughly the same physics, if not exactly the same due to discretization, and if the settings are correct and the device is exactly the same. So pleae carefully check your device and simulation settings.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      One more thing:  it seems their light source has limited coherent length, eg, partial coherent, like LED. Please confirm what light source they used in experiement.

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