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Can’t Open ANSYS AIM on Windows 8.1

    • aws3rd


      I have an issue on my laptop regarding to new ANSYS AIM 18.2 . Everytime I tried to open this, all the screen was blank of white then there's a windows dialog says that ANSYS Workbench has stopped working. Everytime.

      How I can fix this?


    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Do you have Windows 8.1 Update 1 Professional (or Enterprise) installed? Those are the only Windows 8.1 versions that the ANSYS Student and ANSYS AIM Student products support. If you can I strongly recommend moving to Windows 10. Otherwise, try and clean up your Windows registry (see here). 

      Let us know if the registry cleaning works. 


    • gnammi3

      Same problem with ANSYS AIM on Windows 10.
      And registry cleaning (I used a different software for doing it) has not worked.

      How can I fix it? 



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