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Can’t RDP to newly created Linux VMs

    • Ashwini Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      xrdp is a 3rd party library that is used by KDE and Gnome remote desktop applications, which are used to connect to Linux VMs using Remote Display. Unfortunately, the latest xrdp library was updated by the author and this update introduced a bug. You will see the following message when you try to connect to the machine using KDE or Gnome.

      Ansys is actively working on providing a fix for this issue. In the meantime,  we have issued a patching approach for the Linux VM into which you cannot RDP.

      Its usage is extremely simple:

      From a previously created Linux VM,

      select the Applications tab:

       then "add an application":


      find the XRDP Patch application


      select it and save your choices


      Installation of this patch will fix the problem on the recently created Linux VM.

      Once installed your VM tiles on Applications will look like this. You can use KDE instead of gNome.


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