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capability does not exist in the ansys licensing pool

    • a.hammad


      I got this message during working on Additive wizard

      "capability ansys additive manufacturing module does not exist in the ansys licensing pool. Non of the products enabling this capability are available in the specified license path: ...../ansys student/shared files/licensing/student.lic"

      Thank you


    • peteroznewman

      You need a license to do Additive Manufacturing. It is not included in the Student license.

    • moda9742

      Hi @peteroznewman

      As you might remember, I already modeled my research using ANSYS FLUENT 2019 R1. Now, I'm trying to make some modifictions and it shows me the following message (in ANSYS 2019 R3):

      ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Capability Fluent Solver does not exist in the ANSYS licensing pool


      Any ideas would be highly appreciated.



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