Capacitance between winding and winding in transformer

    • Jason Ciou

      Hi experts,

      Is it possible to know the capacitance between the winding (primary side and secondary side), 

      below is the plannar transformer, I would like to know the capacitance.

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      Hello @Jason Ciou,

      Electrostatic solver and transient A-Phi solver can do capacitance calulation. In electrostatic solver, you could right click parameter and assign matrix to the windings. In transient A-Phi solver, you could enable the matrix calculation.



    • Jason Ciou

      Hi GLUO,
      Thanks for your answer,

      I still have some questions.

      if I use Electrostatic solver, I need to set the voltage excitation on each winding?

      if yes, how do I know the voltage on each winding?

      Could you give me an example and let me know how to do?A

      Another question is that is it possible to calculate the Cwa, Cp and Cs?



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