Capping of fluid region in nonlabeled geometry

    • MichalP

      Hello. I am new user of Fluent and it may be stupidly eqasy question, but how am i supposed to do capping here?

      I created geometry in autodesk inventor earlier. There was only one youtube tutorial which seemed as recent version (2021) in which at point where i am supposed to created fluid region lady already had labeled input and output sites created in other program. My geometry has no labels. I tried to create them by zones but it just dont work. If i get only 1 region (like pipe section) it will cap both ends as input. When i tried more complex geometry with 3 ends it got also crazy.

      I really just need to create fluid region with geometry that isnt prescribed beforehand. Un autodesk CFD fluid region creation was simple. You just marked your edge and it capped it. After you capped all entrances you would create volume mesh and then define border conditions together with materials. How am i supposed to set theese things?

      Main reason i am learning fluent is because it is supposed to be able to also utilize GPU.

      Thanks for response


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Yes, and the answer will be equally simple. The CAD CFD tools are OK, but not if you want to anything complicated.
      You have a few options, but the simple one is to read the CAD into SpaceClaim (or Discovery) and create the Named Selections (Groups) there. My usual approach is to make the CAD engineer create the fluid region and then do the labelling in the Ansys geometry tool. Whilst I favour the Ansys solvers (I'm biased, but they are better), the CAD companies will generally be better at the geometry side of things as that's their main business.
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