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Cavity bead simulation with HFSS

    • Hien Doan

      Hi all,
      I'm running HFSS simulation for cavity with insert a bead inside the cavity volume.
      I want to check response resonant frequencies of the cavity in the z-position of the bead.
      However, the result does not seem as expected (one or two resonant frequencies are off from the overall distribution). I expect the resonant frequencies should follow the E-field distribution of the cavity without the bead. After increasing the number of mesh for the bead, I got similar result (one or two points are off from the general distributions). The off-points are random.
      Could anyone please help me on this problem?

      Many thanks and best regards,

      Ansys Employee

      Hi Hilen,

      Thanks for posting your query on Ansys Learing Forum. I have few suggestions for you,

      1. Assign length based mesh operation on bead as well as on cavity surface/volume. HFSS provides way to see the generated mesh.
      2. Based on generated mesh with current settings, determine the geometries which require more mesh refinement.
      3. In solution setup, delta S which determines accuracy of solution, keep that value sufficiently low example 0.01 or 0.005 etc. 
      4. Keep max number of adaptive passes equal to 20. However, these setting will increase simulation time.
      5. Try run with interpolating sweep and then change the sweep to decrete and, have sufficiently large number of points between sweep.

      If you have acees to Ansys support, you can create a service requent and Ansys support Engineer willl connect with you to check the HFSS project settings.



    • Hien Doan

      Hi Dmarathe,

      Thanks for your response. I'll try it and let you know if the results get better or not.



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