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Centrifuge Analysis

    • ben.batt


      The company I work for wishes to use ANSYS Discovery Live to perform a simple and quick analysis of a Coal Centrifuge, specifically inside the basket area. Our current analysis is outsourced and takes significant time and money to complete. Does Discovery Live have the capability to perform a dynamic analysis of the centrifuge with the inner containers rotating at a specified speed?



    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      Discovery Live and AIM can do structural analyses with rotational velocity, which will capture the inertial loads on the structure due to the spinning of the bodies.

      If you want to simulate the fluid inside the centrifuge you could just use an acceleration field to drive motion, but AIM and Discovery Live only support single species fluids problems. That means we can not solve a problem with a mixture/solution that separates based on density. 

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