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CERIG not linking DOF

    • manuel.uruena

      Hi everyone,

      I am using cerig constraint equation in APDL to link the UZ degree of freedom of two nodes connected by a spring element. The master node has a displacement applied in UZ and UX UY constraint, while the slave node has UX and UY constraint.

      mapdl.cerig('58', '4200069','UZ')

      In the results, the master node moves in UZ direction but the slave node doesnt. The contraint seems correctly defined. I have also tried CP command but the result is the same. How can I make both nodes share the UZ displacement?


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      This is pyMAPDL. I would sugget to do this manually (in MAPDL) on a simple model make sure CP (coupling nodes together) commands do what you want, and then move over and do the same simple example (not with 4 million nodes) in pyMAPDL.


      All the best




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