• hgsdvd

      Hello Guys,

           I am a grad student working on my theses to get a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. I was asked to learn how to simulate fire source in ANSYS to use it in my topic. For simplicity, I will give you an example. If there is fire inside a room on one side of this room, and want to see its affects to the other sides in terms of temperature and velocity,etc.

      1- How would I simulate this concept.

      2- What would you recommend to use ANSYS FLUENT or CFX?

      If there is any advice from you, it would be much appreciated.


      Thanks & Best Wishes



    • raul.raghav

      Fire modeling in CFD is a very interesting and advanced topic to explain in few sentences. From what you seem to mention, it looks like a volumetric heat source can be used as the fire source at one side of the room and that would simplify your problem as you seem to be interested in the temperature and velocity distribution. Modeling combustion chemistry and the species concentration and their effects make it a lot more complicated and require extensive computational resources. The following sources might be of help in achieving it:


      1. Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fire Engineering: Theory, Modelling and Practice by Guan-Heng Yeoh, Kwok Kit Yuen

      2. Treatment of fire sources in CFD models

      Good luck!

    • hgsdvd

      Thanks for your great response. this helps a lot.



    • Raef.Kobeissi

      you can also add smoke (Species transport/Multiphase modelling) to your analysis if  this interests you. you need to activate the radiation model as well . 

      Please let us know about your findings and what have you decided to do, we are happy to help


    • hgsdvd

      Thanks Raef for your response.

      What I am trying to do is something similar to the model in the link below. So I need to know what parameters I need.



    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      Looks like a heat source is placed in a room. You can model this by transient analysis in Fluent. 

      Raef has created this tutorial, take a look.

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