CFD-fire simulation

    • srinivassivaraman69

      hello everyone, I am an graduate student pursuing safety engineering. My interest lies in process safety and I have been studying recently on fire modelling and risk analysis, and I have started to understand the importance of CFD in real time applications of my domain. Well in the field of CFD this is my starting point, and it would be helpful to get advice from you all to help me learn the different aspects of CFD for fire simulation and modelling

      the few doubts I have before I start studying is:

      1) I have studied the numerical as well as computational modelling of pool and jet fire in PHAST software, but what is the level of possibility and how to model it in CFD-ansys fluent 

      2) can you suggest some reference books and articles for me to start on

    • amrit085
      Hello Everyone,nI am doing thesis in tunnel fire simulation.Can you advise me about the paramateres that I should take .In addition to this, can anyone suggest me the necessary steps to be followe in simulation???n
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Start out by deciding if you're interested in the combustion part of the fire or just where the smoke & heat are going. Then figure out how much tunnel you need to worry about, and why you're doing the modelling. That will guide on what you need to include in the model. n
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