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CFD Fluent :Error: FLOAT: invalid argument : wrong type Error Object: -inf.

    • S1d996

      hie everyone;

      am getting the following error with ANSYS Fluent. Firstly, I searched the similar errors from this in ANSYS forum and also from google. I tried doing that but nothing is working. 

      Now, I am getting this error. I am looking forward to your responses.

      Error: FLOAT: invalid argument [1]: wrong type [not a number]


      Error Object: 1.#inf


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Please add some images of the mesh, and list the boundary conditions. 

    • S1d996


      i somehow resolved the problem by mentioning the non-zero value for velocity at the inlet condition and came up with new problem for which i need your suggestions to have a correct solution.


      1. "6DOF angular solver has not converged done".

      This error is seen even after correcting the values upto 10e-04 in UDF.

      this is my UDF :


      2. "Warning: incompatible interaction between moving mesh and dynamic mesh model detected!"

      here, 'm using a sliding mesh body with deforming fluid.i'm unable to find the why this statement is frequently occuring at each time step.


      I would be very thankful if your responses help me to solve the problem statement.


      Thanks in advance 




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