CFD – Fluid Mechanics 101

    • Raef.Kobeissi
      I found this channel on youtube which is very handy for beginners to learn the theory behind CFD:
    • Mrjiang

      Hi Raef, I am a graduate student working on Wind Load analysis on high rise structure and I was using a tutorial that you gave on youtube before. I followed the analysis and try to recreate your model before. However, recently when I try to go back to youtube or your website to review some of your work, I couldn't find any of them. They seems to be all set to private now and I really need to view some of your video or advice from you on the CFX analysis that I am working on. I have been trying to do these type of analysis for year or two now and the video that you had was really helpful and I want to see it again. My master thesis is base on this type of work and it would be really grateful if you help share me that video again or some information knowledge on how to analyze on wind load on high rise structural. Please reply me on my email (Wenlit@mail.sfsu.edu) if you can help me on my thesis. I will be really appreciate it.


    • vamshi1471997

       sir please help me

      how to mix metane and dieselin ice cfd ansys


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