CFD-Post Error in loading all time steps when running on Linux Cluster

    • ashrafw1


      I am facing a problem when trying to access all time steps in CFD post. I am running a transient simulation on Linux cluster and saving data files every 10 time steps. At the end of simulation, I write the final case and data files. When it finishes , I copy all data and case files in dp0/FFF/Fluent directory . When trying to load any intermediate time step (case or data file) separately in CFD post, it brings an error that the case file can't be loaded. I am only successful in loading the final time step and of course the previous time steps are not loaded then. When I try to open the .flprj file , it brings an error that the case and data files cannot be read.

      Note: I am working in workbench (not fluent standalone) and all time steps can be loaded in Fluent , separately, with an error : state/object/set-state: rules not found for object type path /report/runinformationsettings . However , the results are loaded.

      How can I load all time steps in CFD post when using Linux cluster ?


    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Can you save the final case and dat file in *.gz format and try loading it in CFD post.
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