CFD Post processing error

    • PhilippM

      hello all,

      I am trying to investigate the hydromechanical properties of joints as part of a lecture at university. Im using Ansys student 2021 R1.

      I have simplified this problem by using a measuring cylinder with an open outlet (in the form of a joint) at the bottom. In Ansys I have used the system "Fluid dynamic (Fluent)". However, at the end of the simulation I cannot open my results in "CFD Post Processing". I get the following error messages (a screenshot is in the attachment):

      • Error reading file XXXXX.dat.h5'
      • Error opening file XXXXX.cas'
      • The results reader couldn´t be initialized 

      Does someone have an idea how I can fix this and display my results ? Thank you for your efforts!



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      As ANSYS Staff, we can not download attachments. Please upload images using upload image functionality.
      Please export .cdat file from Fluent and then read it in CFD-Post.
      Or you can use write .cas and .dat files from Fluent to read them in CFD-Post.
      Regards Keyur
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    • PhilippM
      Hallo Keyur,
      ty for your fast replay. I already tried to input the result files by hand by using the "load Results" button in CFD-Post and choose the result data file. But it still shows me the same error message. I┬┤ll put you an image of the error type in here. Ty for your help!

    • Olnjiko
      I have the same issue.
    • a1055246

      I have the same issue. Has anyone solved it please?

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