CFD Post-Results Error

    • dominic2.utting

      We've encountered an issue when trying to view the results of a system coupled simulation with mechanical and fluid components. In the past we were able to view both the results in CFD Post but there is now an error being displayed that we can't view the mechanical results in Ansys 2021 R1 or later. Just wondering what other options are there to us to view the results as it seems a bit odd that ansys would remove this feature and not have a substitute that we can find.

    • Rahul Mule
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Domini,

      You can view the System Coupling results in Ensight. Load the results of the coupling participants to Ensight ( Fluent/ CFX, Mecanical and SyC Results).

      You can refer to a Reed Valve tutorial from https://forum.ansys.com/uploads/149/HUBQN99F4L5X.pdf

      Hope that helps!!



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