CFD Pressure XY Plot

    • learn13

      In the attached picture is the pressure results along the length of a 2D channel with a bump on the bottom wall.  


      I'd like to obtain similar plots but from a 3D model.  I'm thinking I'll have to define a place and get the results I'm after that's akin to the 2D data.


      I'd appreciate any help!

    • raul.raghav

      You can create a line in CFD-Post and plot the Pressure vs Length graph. Refer the following youtube video for reference:

      Skin Friction Coefficient along a Line

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      Define a plane under your 3D model, and plot the pressure contours. 

      Good option Rahul regarding plot but looks like lean 13 need a line with a bump in the middle to plot the data on that line. In that case, only creating a line may not help. 

      I assume your 3d model would be symmetric and you would be able to select and name your required edge under ANSYS meshing to pull the line with a name under Fluent for selection. Once done, proceed for plot under Fluent.  

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